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We all love to pop down to our local with friends to watch our fave…. Join our 1,, freebie subscribers. Note a small…. Checkout as normal, a small postage fee of…. You can now claim a pack for absolutely free, up…. Enter this fab competition over on the Yours website for your chance to get your hands on a FREE box of flowers. There are 10 boxes up for grabs, don't let…. Perfect for all you beauty fans out there!

If you…. They've just added product testing to their site! That means you can get sent free products to try out, give your opinion on and keep them afterwards. I use…. This freebie is a delicious can of premium coffee from Nescafe. Availability is limited with only available! What a treat this is!

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All you need to do is sign up with your details and see…. Just enter their FREE competition by filling in the super short online form.

What to ask yourself about a freebie site before signing up

Click and fill in…. Get in while you can. Now is the perfect time to start getting into good habits. I use sites like YouGov to earn extra money throughout the year. It may not….

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Here's your chance to take part in a free online survey on what you watch on TV and get yourself free vouchers to spend in Boots in return. Not only that but…. Each box contains 12 ingredients to create 4 meals, picked by expert chefs.


To get…. The guys at TopCashback are offering you a real treat here. It's always worth keeping healthy and what better way to do that than for free? Grab yourself a free tub of Coat and Skin Formula for your pets.

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I've just seen them advertising on TV and this freebie is not to be missed. Get of your favourite photos printed for free! Do you find the photos you take…. To participate in this…. Business Inquiries. Payout Donation Support. Business Support. At TopCashback you will find the best rewards and money back offers. In addition, TopCashback features Free Cashback rewards that do not require a purchase to be made so money for nothing, and OnCard, in-store cashback with selected merchants!

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Magic Freebies UK Reviews and Feedback from Real Members

Some very interesting items. Tracked quickly. Yes you do get spam email, not the food At least no freebie for this yet? Tracked next day. Dont bother if u want the 20p,it wont track. But the freebies come in handy. If u dont want the emails but want freebies, just check the site out every week day. Don't bother with this unmagic link.. When it doesn't track all you get is "sorry, but we cannot submit claims to this retailer. This is usually due to the small amounts involved or the fact that the retailer will not process missing commission claims. Quick response. Ive been deluged by junk mail in a daily basis Not worth the few pennies I got from them I did a fair bit on this site to qualify for cashback, but didn't actually get any - just loads and loads of junk mail!

Tracked a few weeks' after registering in the end and i've received a few good freebies as well. Good service. Why pay for something when you can get it for free? And there are a lot of genuine free things you can get online and offline. As expected, however, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of your desire for a freebie. How does it look? Most genuine freebie sites will have a decent, well-kept and presentable website. What are they offering?

Remember, even genuine sites are a business they need money to keep going so you must use them with caution. Are you a fan of spam?